The act of shampooing one's pubic hair while taking a morning shower. This is used to cleanse the pubes of oils or unwanted semen from the night/morning; thus, the pubes are now free to sway to and fro in the wind.
I shampoozled my pubes this morning; therefore, perhaps your mother would partake in the act of riding me.
by Special K PC! May 05, 2006
The last little bit of bubbles left in the shampoo bottle that really should have been thrown away. You squeeze the bottle like crazy trying to get enough out to wash your hair one last time.
I was so mad this morning, I went to wash my hair and all that was left in the bottle was shampoozle.

Aeriel: Steve, why didn't you throw away this shampoo bottle? It's empty.
Steve: It is not empty, there's still shampoozle left!
by Aleah :) April 30, 2008

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