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Also known as: chamois leather. The best goddamn ultra-absorbent and ultra-light cloth you'll ever need.
Ricky: "Jesus Christ! You just knocked over the aquarium!"

Lucy: "Ah well, this shammy will make light work of it."
by Younha August 28, 2005
22 26
Another name for a front butt or a butt in the front. A huge gut that goes to the lap.
Wow- when she sat down did you see that shammy?
by habbie January 28, 2006
33 38
An alternative word for vagina. The unpopularity of this word makes it acceptable to talk about a woman's genitalia in public settings without offending anyone in ear-shot.
Setting: Grocery store
"Holy crap. My shammy is itchy!"

"Oh man, mine too! My shammy has been itchy all week!"

Setting: Bar
"I hope I get lucky tonight! I've been saving my shammy shave all week so it would be perfect tonight!"
by DPOOKERS January 07, 2010
1 13
The perfect girl.
- beautiful
- inteligent
- kind
- sweet
- caring
My girlfriend is shammy.
by karthick January 06, 2005
44 63
A nickname for Irish people invented by, well, me which my friends call me.
Hello Shammy. What is up?
by Brett Cailler March 15, 2005
17 43
to clean your asshole with a metal toothbrush.
I'm gonna go shit, shave, shower, and shammy.
by Brian and jesse May 21, 2006
11 43