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(v.) the act of bringing embarassment to a drunk individual. The individual is usually sober, but if drunk enough, shaming can occur while the subject is awake. All shamings should be recorded in some form, either through pictures or movies. Shamings usually occur because the individual passed out first or passed out with their shoes on.

Shaming can be a number of things: piling random objects on a person jenga-style, writing on them with permanent ink, shaving or cutting the individual's hair into embarassing styles (ex: a mullet), or any other creative way to bring embarassment upon the intoxicated party without their knowledge.

Sometimes referred to as the individual being "owned".
The freshman was so drunk that he passed out first AND with his shoes on, that we shamed him by duct-taping him to the couch, piling food on him, and drawing obscene things on his face.
by Big Mike March 24, 2005
The act of jerking off to someone whose passed out drunk hoping they will not wake up and catch you. Normally followed by ejaculating on one of his/her possessions. A difficult task to pull off but if successful gives the shamer great pleasure.
Joe: "dude, did you hear about bobby shaming that girl last night?"

Nick: "yeah man. Give it a week and he'll wish he never shamed her."
by shamtheman February 16, 2010
shaming is when a guy is raped in the ass.
possibly the most shameful thing that could ever happen to them.
I caught adam shaming jim for stealing his pencil, it looked like it hurt.
by SodhaPop January 26, 2008
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