A stick of butter rolled in sugar and then eaten
You're fat because you love those god damn shamesticks!!
by FS SMITH October 14, 2008
Top Definition
a peice of butter on a stick rolled in sugar. usally eaten by fat over sized depressed losers.
that bitch left to go eat another shame stick.
by Eddy mac October 11, 2006
Eaten in shame, a shame stick is a stick of butter covered in sugar.
Ew, you had sex with Billy? GO EAT A SHAME STICK.
by Moonunit May 25, 2007
a rather obvious euphemism for penis
>> BJ 07/12/07(Fri)02:00 No. 10890
when my DVD comes out then yew can look at my boygirl shamestick as long as yew want..but until then..use your imagination ^_^
by misguided faggot December 08, 2007
A stick of butter rolled in sugar. Sororities such as Phi Sigma Sigma often make their new initiates eat this as a right of passage, a type of hazing. Also are often eaten by the heavier sisters of the sorority.
That Phi Sig probably just ate a shame stick.
by TexasKing22 September 18, 2007
An erection in public. Something you do NOT want others to notice, thus you should quickly conceal before it's noticed. He should then proceed to get rid of it by thinking about non-sexual images.
He noticed his shame stick when she talked to him, but quickly covered it before she noticed.
by kybernz March 07, 2008
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