is a phrase used when someone makes a fool out of themself
by JOHN October 17, 2004
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When your butt cheeks are exposed just a little bit & you become embarrassed
"Hey Anna...your shame is showing!"
"What!!! Noooooo my shame!!!!"
by Yerauldwan July 27, 2009
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The act of somebody sharting, and cuming simultaneously.
"Dude he saw her and just completely shamed himself!"
by Just_Wrong____ August 07, 2014
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The sting of embarrassment that comes with misrepresenting oneself.
my best time was tomorrow when I fell down straight like I did today
by Ger June 22, 2004
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Shame - Noun
-An STE (Sexually Transmitted Emotion), bought about by having sex with an STD/STI riddled whore.
-Shame is an STE and therefore is not impeded by condoms or other forms of protection.
1-"You had sex with that slag last night?"
1-"You my friend, have Shame."
by A Chert Elf February 23, 2011
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To disgrace or be disgraced. SEE "pwn"
"I totally shamed that guy when I crept up and knifed him in the back in Counter-Strike."

"I shame his mother every day of the week squirting jiz and shitlets on her face. But she loves it."
by Silas Zeus May 13, 2005
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Also know as THE shame, when something is shamefull.
Oats: Lisa's not coming to your house now 'cause Dan's got borbons at he's.

by Beadle September 29, 2003
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