listenin 2 p.diddy or nelly or using the phrase 'da bomb'
yo diddy and nelly's new albums r da bomb
by jojo mccoy December 16, 2003
more commonly know as a feeling similar to embarresment or guilt, shame has many deeper meanings.

Unfortunately due to the stupid english language many of these meanings can not be described, only in example.
It is normally said with pratically no expression.
The true meanings are only known to a special few.
To say hi,
Guy1: Shame!
Guy2: Shame!

Guy1: Hey Fred
Fred: What?
Guy1: Shame

As a number,
Nerd: the highest numbers known to man are. googol, googolplex, infinity, shame.

In an arguement,
Guy1: Your Mum!
Guy2: Shame

by Sedicee September 16, 2008
The feeling you get after dressing up as a little girl and demanding to suck a fat English bloke who you call Daddy's cock. This is often accompanied by a pink sock and a dirtied anus filled with a strange man's cum.

The feeling is not followed while, or even directly after cumming, but brought on in the moments following, as you catch your breath. It is brought to life by the thought; "what the fuck am I doing?? What the fuck is this??", but after a few short minutes you entirely forget about the entire mess, and the thoughts of scrambling out of your pink Hello Kitty nightshirt and into your Porsche 944 B, clad only in the leather jack boots you wore inside his house, and driving full throttle to the heart of central America, completely forgetting who you once were and of all the sexual atrocities you have committed behind thin, barely closed doors.

Then you decide you're amoral, just to get through another day. You go back into the living room and spread eagle for this fatboy you call Daddy, putting on a collar and a cute little sundress just to get your jollies.

And such is life.
I felt a great shame within me arise after I came while writing this definition.
by CharlesStarkweather July 30, 2011
to committ sexual abuse with a monkey
OH MY GOD!!! You committed SHAME!!!
by boys May 08, 2005
1. Being a Packer fan
2. Lying about what really happened
3. Punching walls cause "I'M DRUNK"
Bryan is the queen of shame.
by Jace June 09, 2003
The act of somebody sharting, and cuming simultaneously.
"Dude he saw her and just completely shamed himself!"
by Just_Wrong____ August 07, 2014
Shame - Noun
-An STE (Sexually Transmitted Emotion), bought about by having sex with an STD/STI riddled whore.
-Shame is an STE and therefore is not impeded by condoms or other forms of protection.
1-"You had sex with that slag last night?"
1-"You my friend, have Shame."
by A Chert Elf February 23, 2011
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