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1) A pie from Germany that has seven green things in it; the green things don't all have to be the same every time.

2) Slang for anything that isn't already slang.
1) That shambizzle is amazing and I really like the choices of green things.

2) Shambizzle shambizzle shambizzle (hello my friend)
by bugsmcgee32995 January 15, 2008
1) A word used as slang for any word that is not already slang.

2) The next step up from a shindig but not quite to the insane party level.
1) Wazzup Shambizzle homey (wazzup my homey)

2) This Shambizzle is better than a shindig, but definently not to the point of a party.
by Orangensaph May 08, 2008

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