My name. Shambhala also means paradise, oasis of light and strong peace.
Hi. My name is Shambhala
by Spiders want me to tap dance. March 23, 2005
Top Definition
A four day arts-and-music festival in western Canada, situated on one hundred acres of isolated valley. It takes place once a year, draws more than ten thousand people, and has many activities like DJ lessons, hot air balloon rides, a twenty-four hour hackey-sack circle, firespinning classes, and a mindboggling array of talented musicians and artists.
"the first and second best weekends of my life were Shambhala 2003 and Shambhala 2004, hands down"
by Ryjin June 27, 2005
PImptest place in the world
Happens once a year.
Are you a shammer
Have you ever bin to sham.
by Jonny West December 06, 2004
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