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a ruthless expression; worse than shame and weird. lol.
lizzie: omg, Mrs. Plien jus gave me a detetion the bitch.
kenzie: hahaha, shama!
by Sonalie March 14, 2005
17 40
a mysterious beautiful girl with breathtaking eyes
wow look at that shama! i so want her
by shama December 22, 2005
122 33
1. To listen and obey in the hebrew language. Often used in ancient text such as the bible. Properly pronounced as SHUH-MY(accent on final A in spelling)

2. A rabbi of first century Jerusalem.

3. In sanskirt it means a calming of the mind.
1. In the original texts of the Hebrew scriptures t

2. No examples as of present.

3. No examples as of present.
by RIPP_n_WIPE (Shama Grier) July 28, 2005
29 28