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Much ado about something;
to become upset.

(Can refer to animate and inanimate objects.)
Bryan caused a shaloo when he kicked the computer.

My mother had a shaloo about the rip in her sweater.

My sock got crumpled into the toe of my shoe and caused a shoe-shaloo.
by Shannon Lyon March 11, 2006
-noun; adj.

A person who painstakingly pays excessive attention to detail. One who is obsessive-compulsive in nature. Derived from the actor Tony Shalhoub based upon his character in the Monk tv series.
"How long has he been re-arranging items on his desk?"
"A while... who knows. He's a bit of a shaloo."
by Dyslexicon March 28, 2010
Its basically the same thing as a minx. It means you're just a silly guy and you do outlandish things that don't make any sense. You may also do stupid things like get your fake i.d. taken away.
Steven Thomas is a shaloo. He is also a minx. Hes just a silly guy in general.
by Muhammad Van Joseph October 02, 2011

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