A person who cannot access the imaginative, creative, understanding, emotional part of their brain. Shallow people are brainwashed by the media, they can't think for themselves. They tend to like hilary duff, britney spears, and mainstream rap and the little mainstream rock that is played. They serve no purpose to this earth. Their future holds long lines of angry customers that want their hamburger, and the words "we love to see you smile".
see deep depth creativeprepmainstream music
They cannot see the little things, like nature, all they see is what the media tells them to see.
by my name April 06, 2004
The act of judging people on flashiness, looks, clothes, etc. What 95% of all males do when it comes to women, which explains why they all want to fuck some skanky ho like Paris Hilton or Pam Anderson. YIKES! They are not interested in a woman who actually has a brain that works!
He is so shallow, he dumped his intelligent girlfriend to run after that skanky ho.
by Just call me celibate! January 04, 2005
Someone who likes the first person they see, without looking for what they really want in a person.

This does not necessarily mean someone is shallow because they like someone with good looks or money.

Someone is shallow because they try to get with everyone and anyone because they don't take the time to look for a special someone.
Person one: Gage is so shallow he tries to get his D-wet with every girl he meets.

Person two: I know and most of them arn't even hot!

Person one: yeah he needs to learn to get deeper into the ocean and find that special someone finally. Hopefully someone he at least looks good with.

Person two: but he's to lazy.
by dirtythree30 January 23, 2010
Not Deep as in water
Thats Shallow Water!
by Bob The Builder! August 20, 2006
christen chalmers. being the ultimate definition of gold digger. puts anna nicole smith to shame.
That shallow bitch just wants his money.
by christen chalmers March 07, 2005
a person who cannot make decisions for themselves, must always have other people do things for them. also, makes very low decisions that are foolish.
gracie: "hey did you hear about how conor had drew dump cloe for him?"
ariana: "yeaa what a shallow asshole!"

by mrs. swan December 12, 2007
Master Tonberry has the best definition here, but it's not more than 90% of girls that are shallow. It's the full 100%.
Stupid shallow bitches. Just cuz someones short has to mean they have a small dick. WRONG bitches wrong!!!
by Adrian January 26, 2005
1) Someone who says that a certain band is "Th3 b3St3stt b4Nd EvA".
2) People who judge wholly on looks.
-It's not shallow to be more attracted to a girl/guy who's "hot". It's instinct to get a "mate" who has appealing genes.-

1) All U2 fans.

2) Most cheerleaders/jocks.
by Shallower Than Thou August 02, 2005

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