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adjective; describing one who is so skin-deep that he or she does the following:

1) invests an excessive portion of disposable income on clothes, shoes, hair products, cosmetics, shake-weights, plastic surgery, and other means to fit the arbitrary standards of beauty ascribed by his or her culture/ society,
2) walks around in public places filling the self-assigned role of fashion police
3) views those who do not ascribe to his/her standards of beauty as inferior beings to self
4) values such standards (otherwise defined as "hotness") in potential significant others, over personality and intelligence
5) is willing to dump said significant others who downgrade in terms of such standards
6) suffers an existential crisis when suffering such a downgrade
These pricks are so shallow as a shower, I doubt they know what the concept of a human being is
by dick-shunary January 17, 2012
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