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A school district just outside of the great city, Pittsburgh, PA, comprised of the towns of Glenshaw, Etna, Millvale, Reserve, and parts of Allison Park. The coolest suburb north of Pittsburgh to be from.
A majority of kids from Shaler are awesome and down to earth, unlike the spoiled pricks from surrounding suburbs.
However, Shaler is sometimes embarrassingly known for it "whiggers" who are a disgrace to the area. They are just the losers with no future who give Shaler a bad name.
"Damn that kid looks cool, must be from Shaler."
by c627 April 20, 2009
shaler is a school district in western Pa. It is known to be surrounded by rich smart schools and being cheap as fuck. The teachers are 100% "non-highly qualified" under the no child left behind act. so clearly, we suck. some kids are ok, but most are just white girls who have obsessions with starbucks and uggs. The rest are drug addicts
wow he's from shaler? bet he didn't go to collage
by a_bucket May 14, 2015
A Small odd man, including uglyness and smells like rotten eggs.
WOW! That is one weird Shaler!
by Mike March 09, 2004
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