Teh 1337 fat guy...............
your so fat shale...............
by shale May 09, 2005
half shark, half whale
While I was making a sandcastle, I saw a giant shale in the ocean
by Mark Hamill April 28, 2006
A petite young woman. Highly intelligent, witty, and beautiful. She has a lot of love to give, and doesn't ask for much from life. Tends to push people away when she thinks they're getting to close to hear. Paranoia and jealousy erupt within her.
That girl Shale, is quite a catch.
by Krockadyl January 03, 2010
The rock sediment on running tracks.
Girl 1 : Whats the name of the rock stuff on the track??
Girl 2 : Ummm.... Track gravel... sand turf??
Girl 3 : Wow you guys. It's called shale.
by Brapppppppppp March 28, 2010
a word that originated in oxnard,by a guy named charlie,is widely used to greet,cuss,and just for fun
shale muh fuggin ham
by shale master February 21, 2005

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