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1) What asian females yell before orgasming

2) A phrase used to convey massive gratitude or a substitute for any word.

3) The art of peeling an apple by first twisting the stem, then using your pubes as razor blades for peeling. After peeling the apple, it is usually appropriate to give the apple to your grandma.

4) A fart that in essence creates a mini blackhole, sucking everything in and around it.

5) When out of you anus, a baby comes out, and so forth(thus creating a baby mosh pit) then the baby is slammed into a droor
Hakuna Matata, Ripping Dog's Buttholes, Snowflakes

"hey last night was a shalaminga shalananga!"

"please let me stick my shaliminga in your shalamanga"

instead of tomato tomato its shalaminga shalamanga

voiced-over asian movies
by gjhkfdkgijtdkudg.... thrice January 01, 2010
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