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A singer from Colombia who released her first album Magia in 1991 at age 14. She released about two or three more Spanish albums before crossing over to pop in 2001 with Laundry Service. Didn't sing well in English because her accent made her sound kinda weird but in Spanish she'd sound pretty good. Now her singing in English has improved. She's half Colombian and half Lebanese and was taught to belly dance at age 5 by her father's mother to keep in touch with her middle eastern roots.
Shakira is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Arabic

Shakira is mainly known for her belly dancing

Claims to have been drinking coffee since she could hold a cup which is probably why she is only 5'2
by Angel baby December 27, 2006
45 108
The best artist i've ever seen 'fore...
The colombian girls are the best like shakira...
by Juangazo July 23, 2006
78 142
when a man has anal sex with a woman and he pulls out and gets it off in her vagina..thus a child is born
kyle was born when his parents pulled a Shakira
by Colbywolby April 18, 2008
51 116
An extremely talented, usually smart girl. Usually she is mixed of different races. Is multi talented and great at what they like to do. Gorgeous face added to a killer body= fatal attraction. Has an amazingly sexy voice and is close to her family. Love fiends and is the best in relationships. A person that is loved by everybody.
OMG, the student council president is such a Shakira. She has it all together!
by smartgrl11091234 June 17, 2009
25 93
Spanish/Latin derivative which loosely translates to “music which forces secretaries of small insurance companies to dance”
Juega Shakira. Quiero ver que la danza joven.
by Spondaios August 13, 2008
16 96
Female who can't sing, but is pretty and looks good belly dancing.
A lot of female singers today have no talent...they're all just a bunch of money hungry Shakiras. My hips don't lie...they are.
by ~*Foxy Lady*~ October 16, 2006
74 176
1)a famous singer/dancer
2)or as borat said on the mtv awards'i laugh because in my country shakira means ****** as in your mothers shakira hangs like open dog mouth.'
1)'whenever watever sumthing sumthing be together'
2)'your mothers shakira hangs like open dog mouth'
by kobra-666 July 03, 2006
45 161