A beautiful female singer and belly dancer born and raised in Colombia with a sexy accent. Very intelligent. Can speak like four different languages. HOT body. Looks cute no matter what her hair color is. The definition of a babe. Known for her famous songs "Hips Don't Lie" ... "Whenever, Wherever" ... "She Wolf" and "Waka, Waka." The only woman in the world that can be sexy without looking like a whore. A little shy in person but her smile and bright attitude can light up a whole room.
Man, those hips Shakira has don't lie
by Shakira Lover August 08, 2012
A singer from Colombia. She came to America & they turned her mainstream. She belongs to an organiztion to bring schools to underpriveledged parts of Colombia. Also she has an amazing voice & dancing skills.
Shakira sure can shake her ass!
by Emanuela July 15, 2005
Shakira is a Colombian singer/songwriter. She is a judge on the voice U.S. and was the singer of the 2010 world cup song. She is possibly one of the most sexually attractive women on this planet. she as is AMAZING, her breasts are AMAZING, her sexy Colombian voice is AMAZING, her perfect legs are AMAZING. it is nearly impossible to find someone with a sexier ass than Shakira, it is beyond perfect. her body is just perfect, not to mention her funny and cheery personality. She sure knows how to turn a guy on with those hips and ass!!
Shakira is so SEXY!!
by urban12323 May 14, 2014
She has one the the biggest,juiciest, roundest and sexiest ass on the planet!!! WOOOOW
Damn, look at her ass!!!!WOW
by David October 29, 2003
The one whose hips don't lie! She recently released a song with Rihanna to help Rihanna overcome the guy who beat her like a soccer ball. She has over 2.3 billion views on YouTube, 85 million Facebook likes, and like a lot of Twitter followers. You can also find her on the voice where she replaced Christina Aguilera because the world was like, "Who's she?" and so the Voice was like, let's bring in Shakira because she has a lot of Spanish fans, some crazy white fans, and some black fans from when she collaborated with Beyonce. She has one of the few asses that will make you eyes move back and forth like a pendulum. And though she has a different voice, it is powerful just like her hips. When you talk about Shakira, you say "may the hips be with you," and then start dancing like a demonic possessed belly dancer.
Hey, have you heard of Shakira?

Yeah, but have you seen Shakira is the better question because that girl is monkey ball steaming!?
by Roger Richard March 13, 2014
The act of shaking violently like a blonde diva on stage
Don't forget to shakira the bottle of sauce before you pour it out
by Zck August 21, 2012
(N.) A woman whos hips cannot tell a lie.
"Damn, that girl got some sexily honest hips"
"Yeah that's Shakira"
by The bae Jake September 01, 2014

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