Refers to a mixed-race woman whom was told as a child (around 13) that she had an unusual voice and no singing talent by her music instructor.

Ignoring this professional opinion she eventually became famous worldwide still sounding like a cross between a turkey and a frog. Her success can be attributed to her shaking her behind but remains a mystery to this day.
1st man: We are in downtown and I hear turkeys and frogs!

2nd man: It's only shakira singing. Concentrate on her ass mate, forget about the singing.
by yellowdaug September 27, 2011
Top Definition
one who's butt don't quit
Wow is that shakira. Yea her butt don't quit.
by Neal Patel September 17, 2003
A young,sexy singer who started her career at age 13 and has been very successful ever since! She is an international icon who is half Lebanese & half Colombian. She is the only child from her mother and father's marriage and speaks three languages. Her first cross over album(Laundry Service,2001) debuted at #3 in the Billboard charts and released many hit singles! She is very talented and her talent shows because she can play the guitar, dance, sing, and play the harmonica. She has won many awards among them are a Grammy and 2 Latin Grammys!! This strong, independent female has become the youngest embassador ever. Although she has achieved many goals in her life she still has much to live for!!
International icon Shakira gratuated from High School at age 15.
by Manuel A. November 22, 2003
The hottest singer ever. Belly dances really good and has a nice ass, and dresses outrageously well.
Shakira is the best singer ever!!!
by shakira luva November 20, 2003
One of the hottest women ever!
Shit Shakira's HOT!!!
by Foot Face McGee January 06, 2003
A talented singer/songwriter from Colombia who dances like a madwoman!
Shakira's booty-shake is hypnotic!
by Silky Smooth December 02, 2003
Unbelieveably talented. Voice almost like Christina Aguilera, Dace skills rival Beyonce, Incredible stage presence, writes her own songs, produces her own songs, AND plays guitar. Plus her style is so ORIGINAL- from her sound to her performances to her look. And she's also gorgeous and a sweet girl with a nice personality.
Shakira is talented.
by dfsdfsd May 04, 2005
Hot singer with a nice ass and a knack for turning everyone on
whoa is that shakira?
what are you doing?
dont ask
by boobs of babylon March 16, 2005
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