Originated in Hawaii. Old story goes:
Old man dynamites reef for fish, heʻs good at it and does it all the time.One day blows up hand and is left with 2 fingers thumb and pinky. Locals would see him around and wave at him, he would wave back but only with thumb and pinky. Pretty soon locals would wave back in same way. Its called shaka because he always claimed he didnʻt feel anything when it first happened, he claimed he was "shocked" at the fact that he actually blew his hand up after all these years.Thus this hawaii tradition has always meant "no worry", everything here is and will always be good no matter what happens. Dynamite is no longer allowed. this happened before hawaii was a state of USA. Around turn of century or "plantation days". Always used as a greeting or gesture, usually conveying tones of love, family, friend, aloha, togetherness, rightousness, thankful, greatful, blessed, supreme karma. Given freely without anything expected in return, and always from the heart.

1 shake (quick and easy) REQURES A "TANKS AH" use this when someone lets you "in" when get choke traffic.

MOKE SHAKA (Loud and furious) donʻt curl your 3 fingers closed. Instead, keep them togther and stick thumb and pinky way out to the side. Stick arm straight out and up kinda like nazi hail hitler but instead yeal "HO CUZ" Use this when your driving your lifted truck and you see your friend driving the other way. Country boy style cuz.

Bro shaka
after you shake hands Bro style, end with shaka

Boom Shaka
after pound fist to greet you end with shaka instead of "blowing it up"

Shaka Brah
make a shaka and "punch" towards person and leave it extended out aiming towards them. the longer you extend and leave out, the more excited you are to see them. Use this with "eh brah" or "U FAKA"

Double shaka
make shaka with one hand, make shaka with da other hand now you get 2 shakas. Use this when extremely happy like when someone does you huge favor or hooks you up. the more you spread out your arms, the bigger the favor that was done for you.

Shaka pause
no need shake, jus hold um out. Use this to prolong a favorable experience like getting barreled.

Secret Shaka
small almost no can see shaka, hold it way down low, pointed to ground. All the coolest braddahs do this. Country boy style cuz.

Shaka Shout
like the MOKE SHAKA but intead do a regular shaka and pump it up in the air. the more you pump the louder you shout. Use with "CHEEE HOOOO" and do it at your childs high school graduation...right after they call their name and you blow the air horn....local style cuz.

Ono Shaka
when the food taste so good words can not express it, too much food in your mouth. Use this when you stuff your face with the loco moco and donʻt forget the fries with mustard mayo mix. Large fruit punch please. but if can, diamond head strawberry mo bettah.
by Braddah Jun July 16, 2009
the essence of excellent, good, yummy, attractive, exciting.

antonym: shoko

abbreviation for SHAKALAKA

usually used in a sentence that includes "baybay"
"You won the lottery? That's so SHAKA!"
by emily tokheim May 18, 2008
Shaka (sometimes spelled Tshaka, Tchaka or Chaka; ca. 1787 – ca. 22 September 1828) is widely credited with transforming the Zulu tribe from a small clan into the beginnings of a nation that held sway over that portion of Southern Africa between the Phongolo and Mzimkhulu rivers. His military prowess and destructiveness have been widely credited. One Encyclopaedia Britannica article (Macropaedia Article "Shaka" 1974 ed) asserts that he was something of a military genius for his reforms and innovations. Other writers take a more limited view. Nevertheless, his statesmanship and vigour in assimilating some neighbours and ruling by proxy through others marks him as one of the greatest Zulu chieftains.
Saying "Shaka ? Shaka THIS ash*le" followed immediately but throwing a spear through directly through the eye socket of some wanna be gangster trying to be all Hawaiian like shaking that stupid shaka hand gesture at you - then exclaiming "stupid motherf*cker!"
the word joke in Turkish.
shaka, shaka! I was just kidding mothefuckers!
by johnny rock August 10, 2006
A very large penis.
He had such a shaka, it nearly split me in half.
by Feelonk November 12, 2010
Mexican word for Drug-Dealer
El es buen Shaka.

He's a Shaka
by R.I.P Belen Ramos July 20, 2008
Adj.-to be totally girth-ey and totally cool at once.
yo you see that fat kid mackin' those girls?he mad shaka,fa sheezey
by andérson March 24, 2003
An average looking guy.
Adam Sandler is shaka, he's not hot, but his personality makes him adorable.
by BGFL January 28, 2004

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