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<verb>: to become, or be in a state of incapacitation or comatose, due to a number of varying reasons including: getting knocked out, getting too crunk, or passing out from other means...
A:Yo Carl, check out that dude passed out on the couch! I will now proceed to fart on his head.
B: Yeah, he got shaivoed from that Henny! Damn, that fart was juicy, Frederick!
#terry shaivo #frederick #passed out #knocked out #comatose #fart #dead
by Jason A. April 23, 2006
A spinoff from the infamous Terry Shaivo case, To get totally owned or Pwnd, as in a video game or elsewhere.
Whilst Playing Halo Someone runs up behind you and melee's you in the back,
Spectator: OH! You just got shaivoed
#terry schaivo #owned #pwned #killed #exterminated
by 123abccba321 August 23, 2007
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