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Can also be used as a conversational aid, as a form of agreement.
"The weather is horriable today" - Person 1
"Shaid" - Person 2
"It has been horriable all week" - Person 3
"Shaid" - Person 1
by Neil June 20, 2004
Hideously ugly, usually describing a person.
Did you see that guy, he was shaid!
by Roger June 19, 2004
Annoying long haired freak. Most often gay.
That guy looked like shaid!
by Blackfett June 20, 2004
A word used to describe the syndrome of AIDS passed along by Charlie Sheen after his mental breakdown of "Winning"
The rumor is Charlie is writing a book about his victims " 50 Shaids of AIDS "
by Simba_Jamesd_1989 March 23, 2016
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