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The most wonderful person you will ever meet, kind caring, selfless, always putting others before herself, incredibly passionate and loving. When a shaguftah wants something she gets it.very hard working, always lets her heart take control over her mind. Shaguftahs are very good friends, they are not only loyal but extremely understanding and supportive.
"Shaguftah stayed up all night to help me study for my test and do my lab, shes such an amazing friend"
by IamImraan January 10, 2012
urdu name meaning fresh, new, blossoming.beautiful.serious.
her skin is very shaguftah, i wonder what she uses.
by imranAh January 10, 2012
urdu name meaning fresh, beautiful, new, blossom.
you skin looks shaguftah and radiant.
by AsHhtaigsu January 10, 2012
An Indian delicacy made by fermenting feces in an Indian woman's vagina for a long time (the longer the spicier). served by the woman directly queefing it into the customer's plate.
blood gushing out of the anus is one of the symptoms of shaguftah poisoning.
by mingelover69 August 10, 2011