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Awesome, Cool, Wicked
That is blog is Shagtastic

She's the owner of shagtastic

That blog is extremely shagtastic
by AleckNichole-Shag May 15, 2011
someone who is exremely shaggable!
by lopus April 24, 2003
Extremely Shaggable; Fuckin Awesome

My Day has been Shagtastic

Thats one Shagtastic Chik
by Josh Gray June 05, 2007
A word pertaining to how amazing shag carpets are, or how great anything relating to the seventies is
Man yo funky chest hair is shagtastic!
by Captain Cool. April 01, 2011
A line of custom made-to-order area rugs from Unique Carpets Ltd.
They're shag rugs so they're shagtastic. Get it?
by Cletis Emmit Wheelwelker March 11, 2009
awesome; radical; sweet
Dude, the waves today were shagtastic.
by Chloblow January 02, 2009