Extremely Shaggable; Fuckin Awesome

My Day has been Shagtastic

Thats one Shagtastic Chik
by Josh Gray June 05, 2007
Top Definition
someone who is exremely shaggable!
by lopus April 24, 2003
A word pertaining to how amazing shag carpets are, or how great anything relating to the seventies is
Man yo funky chest hair is shagtastic!
by Captain Cool. April 01, 2011
Awesome, Cool, Wicked
That is blog is Shagtastic

She's the owner of shagtastic

That blog is extremely shagtastic
by AleckNichole-Shag May 15, 2011
A line of custom made-to-order area rugs from Unique Carpets Ltd.
They're shag rugs so they're shagtastic. Get it?
by Cletis Emmit Wheelwelker March 11, 2009
awesome; radical; sweet
Dude, the waves today were shagtastic.
by Chloblow January 02, 2009
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