The state of being attractive enough to be worth a shag in the opinion of another person
Dude , see that chick at the bar with the cute dress and the big tits ... she's totally shagworthy
by Dr Elephant October 24, 2010
Top Definition
The same as shaft worthy or fuckable. A shag worthy girl or boy is attractive (pretty, sexy etcetera) enough for you to want to have sexual intercourse with her/him, but most oftenly you wouldn't seriously consider initiating a relationship with her/him. The number of shag worthy babes/hunks usually increase proportionally with your consumption of alcoholic liquid. To be shag worthy doesn't imply you have to be good-looking or sexy, not at all, it simply implies you are capable to have sex with the person in an especially needy situation.
- Mate, how's the party last night? Got laid?
- Euhm, to be honest I didn't have that much of a success with the babes yesterday. But you know, with all that vodka...I finally just grabbed a chick I found shag worthy. It wasn't that bad actually, she even gave me oral sex!
by queerboyoslo December 19, 2005
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