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tobacco for pipes.
A polite word for sex.
by minges and all April 18, 2003
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A term refering to a group of viruses which generates enough traffic to cause slowdown on the web. When several major email worms are circulating at the same time, they are colectively refered to as a shag of viruses.
"Attention staff, your email software may report errors or you may experience email delays. A shag of viruses is slowing down services by overloading mail servers on the web."
by Dr_Snapid May 03, 2005
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SHAG with energy - is a delicious, carbinated, taurine-based energy drink. Boost your daily vitamin intake and put energy back into your day (or night!!)

serve chilled
contains taurine, caffine and added vitamins
"fancy a shag?"
"yeh sure, lets go to the shop to get some"
by carolyn July 30, 2004
1 17
1) Anything a bored male does to while away time. Smoking, boozing, watching porn and especially masturbating are all different forms of shagging.
2) The semen ejaculated after masturbation
1) Its the vacs now, so who wouldn't shag all day long?
2) Damn, my fucking shag messed up the window.
by Gunkglumb June 02, 2005
5 23
a shy fag
what a shag
by nick Legorrec January 12, 2009
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mind blowin sex...the harder the better...best done with ya bit on the side
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
8 30
doin what momma taught you not to do. "the dirty"
Mom: smell my dirty butt hole
by tim December 24, 2003
6 30