Skimpy female clothing, worn to advertise one's willingness to fornicate.
C'mon Charlene, get your shag rags on - we're hitting the clubs !
by snaptacular February 19, 2008
Top Definition
A article of cloth used to clean up your mess after ejaculation
Jason just blew his load and is franticly looking for a shag rag.
by T3h Shauns October 13, 2007
Anything that is used to wipe up after sex, including but not limited to: Kleenex, towels, small pets, shirts, sheets, pants, underroos, hair, socks, toothbrushes, adult diapers, etc.
Non-use of shagbag will result in a dirty shagwipe and a larger shagslick...
It can also leave crunchies in your pubes.
Similar to shagwipe
She: Either clean this off with your mouth or go get a shagrag
by Long Willy Wonka September 02, 2007
similar to glad rags.
an outfit you wear, when you want to get shagged
JOHN: woahhh claires got her shag rags on tonight. I would.
by elizabbb August 30, 2009
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