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Bed (sexual)
Let's go up to my shag bag you sexy ho! I'll fuck you solidly there.
by Uncle Yusuf January 19, 2004
17 29
Loose woman; bike; slut; slag
by cracky March 01, 2003
43 24
A Shag Bag is a rucksack or other small bag which contains condoms and sex toys to be handy at any time and any place.
Let me reach for my shag bag, baby!
by anonymous April 24, 2003
22 12
a loose moralled girl who indulges in extreme activities like sloppy seconds
You can fuck her when I'm finished; she's a shagbag!
by anonymous October 26, 2003
29 24
a double sleeping bag used primarily for shagging, as to enclose fluids etc and maintain secrecy over parents
bridgy: "oh come on mel you're mum will never know i brought my shagbag"
by bridgy February 07, 2006
17 35