when a person ditches their friends for someone they think is more important
A.M.'s friends are being shafted because of her boyfriend she doesn't even like!
by Anonymous May 17, 2003
A penis where the tip and the and testes don't exists
Yo I was in shower trying to rub one off and jizz started oozing out my ass and I realized I have a shaft
by yomooma May 26, 2010
a wannabe tough guy. Only found in the movies, a brave black person. Is all talk and cant back up anything.
that balck kid talking on his cellphone in the movie theater was such a shaft.
by Ross July 28, 2004
Suave black man who acts tough and macho, but in actuality, is a homosexual.
That John Shaft, he's actually gay.
by Squishy's Master July 09, 2004
The underside of a man's erect genitalia.
The shaft was the hardest part of his erect penis.
by Classifiedbunnycop July 28, 2016
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