1) An insult given to a person who acts like a pure bellend and you want to be subtle about it.

2) the stem of a penis
Patty: look at my new trackies, there well shiny my mummy bought them from JD

Cammy lad: your a fucking Shaft!!
by Cammy_lad June 10, 2009
The ultimate word to replace any alternative Swear Word.
"Shaft that Shafting Shafter"
"You MotherShafter"
"Oh Shaft. Shaft him to hell!"
"What did i do today? Shaft all"
"Wheres the Shafting Shaft?"
"He's just had a Shaft"
by plug in bby August 18, 2008
verb, to shaft.
To finger a girl while getting four fingers in.
Dude, I totally shafted this girl last night.
by nedsfriend November 08, 2010
Used to express when someone ignores you, gives you the cold shoulder, or ditches you. Sometimes when you get jipped.

Kyle, quit giving me the shaft and come hang out already.

You have to pay? Man you guys got the shaft.
by MadisonJaleigh January 31, 2007
1.) A word for "ditching" , or ignoring someone.

"My boyfriend totally shafted me yesterday in the women's department of Abercrombie and Fitch"
by Neiche January 06, 2008
being treated badly at work
You may not be surprised, but I got the fuckin' shaft at work today. Nothing like working another 20 hr day.
by Ricky Roma October 25, 2003
It's when you get the sucky end of a deal, or just get screwed out of a life.
I got the shaft when i had to sleep on the floor.
by Chubby Martin February 16, 2009

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