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A place of neverending torment, pain, and insurmountable unluckiness. A place where people who get "the shaft" dwell ALL the time. Although not an actual place, it could be in the near future if Tyler and I have to deal with all the bullshit that comes at us.
Seth - "Man my week sucked bro."

Tyler - "Tell me bout it man."

Seth - "Dude after getting busted at stephen's by his parents for drinking, not even a week later guess what happens?"

Tyler - "What bro?"

Seth - "On the way to school, I'm driving and I ask God, 'Could things get any worse?' Ten seconds later i get my truck wrapped around a telephone pole. Not to mention my cell phone is gone, I can only drive to school, and I deal with the usual bullshit at school and at the house."

Tyler - "Dude, that's why we live in shaft city. Things will only start looking up when we're heaven."

Seth - "Probably so...damns.
by Skeet Magee April 26, 2007
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