to be shady is to be covert. but to shady something is to move it around without anyone knowing.
'come on lads we need to shady this small brazillian chicken out of the country' quote from micheal caiine buys a small brazillian chicken and adventures ensue
by Jiffy April 09, 2005
Cheap! As in not paying their share, tight-fisted, and frugal!
That shady bastard didn't even pay his share of the bill.
by Beanster July 01, 2003
High profile pimp, from da tootz, running sum yank tank on da hydros with da white walls and da 21s.

Proper loose bre, wid da MACH 10 running round da SM2 postcode like a ghetto lord, rousing dem seeds up off da Benhill and ting.

Blud buns 2 hard in da martell blend bong.

Luvs da Sovreign and Mayfair smokes!!
Wots gwoning Shady

'as you got me 9 bar Shady?

Wot be ya next stunt den Shady?

Who u pimping out now Shady?

Wot u pushing now Shady?

Shady from da Tootz
by cheefee January 03, 2004
To steal something; to shoplift. Usually something insignificant.
Dude, I just shadied one of those little red baskets that they put your burritos in at Chipotle.
by Drei March 20, 2004
a little like shifty and sly
Holy smokes! Stealing candy from small children is awfully shady!
by keepin it real January 12, 2005
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