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A really really really really really Hot chick
Shady wanted to go to the movies but instead we stayed at her house to "hang out" XD
by A. S. March 11, 2005
6 25
One who is straight edge.
Shady is straight edge.
by pon November 20, 2004
4 25
lil' white ass boi pretendin 2 b blac dat thinks he can rap and dat thinks he gansta
dat lil dumbass iz so shaddy dat if you shoot him he dont even kno wut hit him
by BoOoTaYLIcIoUs March 27, 2005
5 29
To be really stoned.
Che is totally shady.
by Drei March 20, 2004
3 33
a stupid ass white boy who thinks he is black
"im slim shady the real slim shady."
by roger November 28, 2004
14 46