when youre weed aint packed
dawg that dime you got is shady
by Anonymous April 20, 2003
acting outside the norm. Making a fool of oneself.
Why are you being shady? He is so shady! You are so shady! Was I being shady last night? Damn--that is so shady!
by IPWNBTD May 05, 2009
unchill, something you dont want to be!
dude that was so shady! you stole my weed, how could you man?!
by jenn July 01, 2003
A word used when somebody did something to hurt another person's feelings, as a joke.
John: I ditched my date last night
Alex: Man, thats so shady
by basketballgirl71 October 04, 2010
(patchogue, new york) pTown lingo for sneaky; very unsharing and sneaky
Andrew's mad shady.
by Fat Travis January 23, 2004
Cheap! As in not paying their share, tight-fisted, and frugal!
That shady bastard didn't even pay his share of the bill.
by Beanster July 01, 2003
An obnoxiously trendy term for "strange" or "sneaky." It's well over used and getting quite agitating.
Sid: Quit sneaking around, you look shady.
Amanda: Shut the hell up.
by Wobbs July 14, 2005

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