The act of pursuing one friends relative while ignoring past comradery.
One's shady actions involve placing his closest friends on the back burner for further progress in his personal life.
by steen0245 November 27, 2010
Getting extremely high and drunk @ the same time
My nigga I was so shady after we smoked that kush and had shots of patron.

started by Shoeshine Babymilk Highlight and Leak Leak
by J.A.S.A.N October 25, 2010
Getting screwed over by someone fake
You take a girl out to dinner, pay for the entire meal, she says shes having a party and insists you come. She tells you to give her a call around 10pm. You call a few hours later so not to seem annoying and she does not pick any calls. Not only does she push the 'eff you' button but doesnt even call back. Now that is shady
by Logikmoney May 28, 2007
The word shady can be used as either a verb or an adjective to describe anything really. Something shady can be either good or bad. The word shady is most often used when talking about marijuana. Examples are given below:
Smoking ganja in a police station is shady. However, if you find a cool little spot that nobody is ever going to find where you can smoke up then that little place is well shady.

Right there's more.
You can say that a crappy deal when buying dope is damn shady, but another use is if somebody is wearing really odd clothes - that person is pretty shady!

The word shade can be used as a verb, e.g. dude lemme shade some tokeage= let me smoke some of your joint. (to toke:D)
Also, one can say "dude lets shade off and go bun" - shade meaning walk off or something.
by James Hammond March 01, 2004
She Had Another Dude Yesterday-shady girl
Shit hes already doing you- Shady guy
Man i saw her with john yesterday thats shady bro
by TreyDaDeuce August 07, 2011
kinda like "sketchy" but not really. shady is more when its unclear.
that's hella shady!! (when you don't know what the hell is goin on)
by Anonymous April 13, 2003
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