1) British slang; Mean, nasty or underhanded
2) In the shade
3) Of a person; Suspicious or dodgy
1) "Aww Frank, don't hit him, he's only three..." <smack> "Aww, that's shady that... You knocked his baby teeth out."
2) "I'm sat in a shady seat located in a sun-swept villa in the south of France. I'm loving it."
3) "That dude in the corner is one shady lookin' individual."
by Stuart Fletcher November 23, 2004
To give shade or to be shady. Sneaky
You're shady man, shadier than the shade under a tree in the summer. You're shadier than eldred.
by What it do mr.shady May 30, 2011
the use of trickery or tom foolery to cause shenanigan's.

see - Trickery, tom foolery, and shenanigans for more details.
Laura McKernan did some shady business in the neighbourhood.
by Natalie Daniels April 21, 2011
a girl who you call up at the end of the night(bootycall) that is most likely not attractve and you dont want anyone to find out about it
pullin a shady tonight
by dylancamtim December 29, 2010
One step down from sketchy
The order is as follows:
Kosher (Chill)
Not Kosher
Fucked up (Super not chill)
Guy 1: dude, there are a bunch of shady ass guys comin our way!
Guy 2: Nah they're cool. A bit iffy sometimes but pretty chill
by Ralag101 July 04, 2013
She Had Another Dude Yesterday-shady girl
Shit hes already doing you- Shady guy
Man i saw her with john yesterday thats shady bro
by TreyDaDeuce August 07, 2011
the one direction fandom
larries are posting receipts and update accounts are exposing each other, this fandom is so shady
by ilylouis August 07, 2015

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