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A person who promises to hangout and purpously ignores you when the time of said "hangout" was supposed to occur.

A person who tells you he has a suprise for your birthday but have to buy it yourself.
Andrew: Hey do you wanna chill tonight? Ryder Flood promised he would give a ride to us and chill on my birthday.

Friend: Yea sure!!!

Andrew: Oh wait he's not picking up his phone... obviously he is with Caitleen.

Friend: Yeah he's so shady.
by blahblahyoureshady February 13, 2011
To avoid people in an obvious way.
That's so shady if we stay in my room and get high all day.
Why wont you return any of my calls? Quit bein shady.
by Larissa110 May 09, 2006
-Awful person that has no moral values
- seems like a good friend but nah

- they are scandalous

-Control freaks but all for the wrong reasons

-Intentionally tries to be your friend just to mess with you
-Not ever to be trusted and no one likes them
-Doesn't even have respect
"Amy and Cindy are talking, and trying to sabotage us even when we aren't doing anything. "
" I know, that's shady. "

" How did they even get invited to the party, they are shady. "
by El o el February 23, 2014
feeling loose now, gonna get my swerve on. Feeling nasty
adam aambert's song "shady"
by lina khlewi May 25, 2012
She Had Another Dude Yesterday-shady girl
Shit hes already doing you- Shady guy
Man i saw her with john yesterday thats shady bro
by TreyDaDeuce August 07, 2011
Getting extremely high and drunk @ the same time
My nigga I was so shady after we smoked that kush and had shots of patron.

started by Shoeshine Babymilk Highlight and Leak Leak
by J.A.S.A.N October 25, 2010
Used to describe everything. Can mean, but not limited to: Wack; lame; gay; sketchy; not chill; not tight; not trustworthy
A guy walkn around at 3am is shady.


Man John's shady he didn't even hit me up to chill the other night!
by jordan gura September 17, 2007