Someone who is a douche and does shady things.
"Dude that Dylan Goodreau is one shady bitch."

"Yeah he is, he threw water all over me for no reason."
by amanderzz March 31, 2008
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a shady bitch person is someone who does not keep it real; someone who stoops low and does some unforgivable shit; some one who cares for themselves and no one else; they'll do anything to get ahead in life even if it's hurting a friend; loves using people; there hobbies are spreading lies;
Shes such a shady bitch she sold her best friend out just to 'fit in' and 'be cool'

my moto is 'shady bitches talk shit, they get hit'
by pimpassbro April 09, 2011
someone who does shady things behind your back because there a little bitch
that is a shady bitch.. cant believe they would do something that shady
by johNnyJa March 25, 2011

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