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shadow land is a place is in the 8th deminsion. as far as it being the worst place to be...ever. its 2nd only to hell. its dark and its the place that evil things called toy shifters make their should never go there. there are several portals into shadow land but once in you can't get out. only "toy shifters" can vernture back and forth between shadow land and our earth realm."toy shifters" worm hole from shadow land into certan business establishments. it is very apparent when this happens. when a business has been booming for a long time and all of a sudden you drive by and the building is for rent or they have a close out sale just when you thought they were in good standings as far as a comunity business and it closes down then you know that shodow land has devoured this futile place. the only portal i currently know of is inbetween two eat/seating booths in a wendy's in grayson kentucky.
easy there skipper don't get to close to shadow land, ya may get flapperjacked on the hillside by one of those dirty toy shifters
#shadow #land #shadowland #toy shifters #toy #shifters #flapperjacked #flapper #jacked #hillside #grayson #kentucky
by frostywalrus03 August 15, 2009
Lair of the Shadow Kids (see Shadow Kid. It provides them with life giving darkness, as in light they will, for the most part, become very cranky.
"'WTFH is that bitch doing in Shadow Land?' 'I don't know, but we can never talk to him/her again. . .'"
#shadow kid #shadow land #goth #emo #joel
by Norns October 09, 2007
A modification to the popular Anarchy Online where you are literally paying for a nerf.
Hey are you still playing Shadowlands?
Awww man, that's a shame.
Yea I know, I'm trying to quit. But the patch isn't helping like they said it would.
by inveratulo February 14, 2004
A place where people play this homo game called laser tag
Drew is the MASTER of Shadowland. Dan bows down to him. Brian too.
by toastercakes November 22, 2004
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