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1. an unshaven, yet nicely dressed male who has the sexiest voice you've ever heard, and the biggest peen you've ever seen.

2. a super smart and sexy a-rab that you want to tare the clothes off of.

3. someones futures husband!
"wow, shadi is looking fine tonight"

"lay off bitch, thats my shadi"
by velovelo July 21, 2009
Pronounced (shah - deee) An undefinable level of greatness, an aura which leaves most in awe only attainable by some
Blood that's so Shadi of you - My friend u have just done something commendable
by Samoo123 January 27, 2009
1. An exotic persian female with fierce features.
Beautiful dark hair, eyes, and eyebrows, topped off with olive colored skin. She is a visual orgy! This name suits that of a beautiful persian goddess.

2. A word in farsi meaning 'happiness' or 'joy'.
1. Damn, that Shadi is a fine-ass shawty.

2. Peace, love and Shadi.
by Banana Sluggg. September 08, 2008
Shadi Is gorgeous. She is a golden goddess, and she is the sexiest girl you're ever meet! She is also very very smart, and verryy funny! Shes crazy, and is the best kisser ever.
1. Damn, Shadi is GORGEOUS!
2. Shadi has the best grades in school!!
by sfgrgergerdge546 October 04, 2012
A very mysterious character from the anime/manga Yu-Gi-Oh! (the original one, NOT 5D or GX). He is considered a minor character, but he plays a very major role in the storyline. Often showing up at the most critical moment in the show to do something extraordinary.

There's a long standing argument over who Shadi was when he was alive/in the past in Ancient Egypt. Some think he is the ghost of the High Priest Shada, some think he is simply the ghost of a character never shown, some think him to be Hasan (will not spoil this character). However, some think him to be none of those things and others all three.

Kazuki Takahashi left this open to everyone's imagination. It's not worth fighting over, so those who argue should just accept each others' views.

He is NOT Muslim, though. He makes it clear that he is not very quickly in the series, though there's nothing wrong with portraying him as partially Muslim.
Shadi is the owner of the Millennium Key; also known as the Sennen Ankh; and the Millennium Scales.

There are many versions of Shadi depending on which series you are watching or which manga season you are reading.

Shadi first appears on Japanese TV in Season Zero.
by Dindella June 10, 2010
1. An Arabic Singer
2. Often used to describe someone who has great talent pertaining to the skill of percussion.
"Wow, you are such a Shadi"

"Holy crap! You're such a Shadi on the drums"
by Fredrick Hansen June 23, 2008
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