Refering to the past consumption of food by a female
I waked up in the middle of the night hankerin' for that last piece of chickin, but when I opened the fridge, I couldn't find it. I guess shaded.
by Floyd C. Knotworthy June 26, 2005
of or being of a dark skin tone.
get your shaded indian ass in here.
by ravi jain March 30, 2006
Lost at least once in the first playthrough of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2's Story Mode. When a player loses for the first time in this mode, the marks indicating the stages (s)he has won are no longer hollow; they are now filled in, hence the term.

Someone who is shaded will not be able to get the extra tuning level that unshaded players get.
I got shaded because I fucked up the last two turns on stage 80.
by G.S. LXVIII December 10, 2005

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