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(n) A person who is so shady, they have become "shade" in physical form.
She caught Jason rifling through her purse when her back was turned. What a f--kin' shadeball!
by Iron Clad Ben July 05, 2004
a sketchy person, or event(s)
we went to the party but there were only two shadeballs in the basement and no chics

I thought we were on the right train, but there were bums everywhere, it looked so shadeball
by Droan January 03, 2010
(n.) a person who acts standoff-ish towards you and when they talk to you they act like they have somewhere better to be or someone better to talk to.
(v.) the act of being shady to a person
(n.) tyler is such a shadeball, shady like a willow!
(v.) i must be shadeballlin' today.
by shadeballs11 October 27, 2009
a shady kid is someone who has their lip pierced, is white, listens to tons of metal, gets bitches without trying, kind of looks like justin bieber, and can't hardflip for shit.
Dude that shadeball stabbed me with a fork!
by shadymahhfuhhhhh September 29, 2010

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