Crappy, sucky situation, can be modified to shaktastic. Derived from Shack and it's corresponding crappyness
Man I had a shacky day
by Mariah January 09, 2004
Top Definition
a noun derived from the verb shack (see defintion 1 and 4)

a shacky is never taken seriously. he or she is someone that you mess around with frequently, but feel no emotional ties to. a shacky may begin to act as your significant other and may even buy you dinner, but shackys can never ascend to the level of boyfriend/girlfriend. never. they are you shacky, and you keep them in their place.
"You spend a lot of time over at Steve's place. Is he your boyfriend?"

"Fuck no! He's just my shacky."
by jpatt February 06, 2005
being shady and cocky at the same time.
dayemm foo, that guy is shacky
by m dizzle mark September 08, 2004
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