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Crappy, sucky situation, can be modified to shaktastic. Derived from Shack and it's corresponding crappyness
Man I had a shacky day
by Mariah January 09, 2004
2 5
a noun derived from the verb shack (see defintion 1 and 4)

a shacky is never taken seriously. he or she is someone that you mess around with frequently, but feel no emotional ties to. a shacky may begin to act as your significant other and may even buy you dinner, but shackys can never ascend to the level of boyfriend/girlfriend. never. they are you shacky, and you keep them in their place.
"You spend a lot of time over at Steve's place. Is he your boyfriend?"

"Fuck no! He's just my shacky."
by jpatt February 06, 2005
16 5
being shady and cocky at the same time.
dayemm foo, that guy is shacky
by m dizzle mark September 08, 2004
8 6