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regional term for s neighborhood in the metro detroit city of westland. this neighborhood is 1 and a half miles by a half mile making up most of zip code 48185, and consists almost entirely of duplexes. it is often referred to as "the white ghetto" as it is is made up of mostly caucasians. it has an abnormally high concentration of convicted sex offenders.
"i live in shacktown, where the slitches and crackeads are everywhere."
by smokycracka October 27, 2007
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The historical area in Westland, MI built for returning soldiers of WWII. Now refered to as the slums of Westland, the place hasn't been fixed up sinse the early 1900's and is now a cut-throat "town" filled wit run-down "shacks" and run by the low lifes and ghetto mentality people of society. Highly dangerous and crime ridden.
Guy: "Hey, have you been to shack town lately?"
Friend: "Hell, no ! Are you crazy?"
Guy: "Yeah, you're right... Bad idea..."

Chick: "Hey, you know that girl with the messed up teeth?"
Guy: "The one that lives in shack town?"
Chick: "Yup."
Guy: "Yeah. She's a BITCH."
by Kisses Mcgee January 23, 2012
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