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A surfer that is so deep inside the tubing part of the wave that he is completely enveloped - likened to being inside a fully enclosed dwelling, such as a shack.
Dude, I just got shacked on that wave.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
A state of crazy drunkeness. Most definately the best result of drinking. While being shacked, a person's inhibitions are left at the door. Because of this, getting laid is a very easy task. Bottom line: getting shacked is the best state of drunkeness.
A group of Matt, Vince, Brandon, Blake: So who's ready for the party tonight?

Matt: I am, I haven't gotten drunk in a long time, it's gonna be awesome.

Vince: It should be pretty great...I hope it's chill.

Brandon: Yea, it should be good. If not, we'll just bring the party back to my house.

Blake: I don't give a fuck, it's gonna be epic. I just wanna get Shacked!
by Indentured Servant September 26, 2006
1. to be super stoned after smoking some dank weed.
2. when your eyes get really red after some dank nug.

1. "im soo shacked after that last J."
2. "dude you should use some eye drops, your eyes are shacked."
by Stephen c February 01, 2008
shacked is the past tense slang that means get laid or after having sex
m8 i herd you got shacked last knight
by julianthemew May 22, 2015
As a pedestrian, being needlesly hit in a vehicle due to careless driving.
We're in an empty parking lot, i'm wearing a high vis jacket and you still shacked me, learn how to drive you fucking tard!
by Angu5 January 04, 2012
to shack or be shacked means to steal or be stolen from
also to shack means to shack up with a person of the opposite sex
"hey i just shacked this from work"

"hey i just shacked up with that fine booty"
by brad February 17, 2005
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