The high-tech residence of a humanoid who carries the desire to take over the world.
Wow look at his shack, it's beast. We're not gonna last long with this guy in his shack...
by i124q. August 17, 2010
n. A large well shaped barrel.

v. To puinsai a large well shaped barrel.
ho, that was a fuckin shack.

That kook somehow got shacked on that wave.
by sunset pirate March 29, 2006
Shack can be used like slut or Ho'. similar to shacking up.
That girl is a shack. she gets around.
by Keladry March 02, 2006
gut or belly-- usually very large in size
Look at the shack on that guy!
by Jack Mayhoffer March 29, 2005
a bowl, or marijuana bud to smoke out of a bong.
'I'll pack you a shack.'
'You better clear that shack, or I'll make you smoke another.'
by smoke-me August 13, 2003
Shacks definition.. hmm.. I guess shack could possibly mean, thinking of the most retarded thing you could say.. then saying it wrong. Definitely sounds like "Shack".. Getting jacked and doing nothing about it because your a bitch also sounds like "Shack" shifty and stupid just about sums it up.
"That's jays! you almost pulled a shack there"

"Yo, I could never be as stupid as that kid"
by definitely |3race .... April 05, 2005

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