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In Australia the word 'shabz' refers to meth
Oi lad i got some hectic shabz, this shit will blow your mind bra.
by Speed demon April 12, 2015
An abbreviation of 'shabby' meaning:
harsh, out of order, raw and generally when one has been insulted.
Mostly used by people between the ages of 8 - 11 in the late 90s
but there are some exceptions .. still, today.
It is a really cool and popular term for teenagers to use in this day and age.
Sam 'you have a face like poo, don't touch meh!!'
Keddeh 'proper shabz sam...'

by Chantella June 24, 2006
The evillest nigguh to creep on this blue fucking planet since my man Jebus. All blacked up and tinted outl you can't ever see him.
(See JSO and Sqa for further information)
"Yo, you see that nigguh Shabz?"
"Fuck no, I aint seen him. No-one has"
"Well anyway, he's magged out his bike and shit"
by JSO October 11, 2004

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