(n.)- an individual who never peaked in popularity whatsoever, and who's name at even a slight mention causes snickering and taunt

(n.)- an athlete who plateued at average numbers in the mid 1990's/early 2000's whose name also arouses a smirk/short laugh

also used as (adj.), ex: A shabby athlete. A shabby kid from high school.
Used as a noun:
1) Dude that kid that always stand by his locker by himself with long hair?! Haha kid's such a shab bro!

2) Haha remember when Charles Johnson and Sandy Alomar Jr. were allstars in '96!? What fuckin shabs!
by Rich Harris, Mike Sullivan April 30, 2008
Top Definition
Shabs is the same as saying methamphetamine, crystal ice, crank ect. Quite bad for your health as the chemicals used to produce it are considered to be quite toxic and have been known to explode in laboritries. Smoke 1 point (also known as an oint) approximately 1/10th of a gram, worth approximately $50 in Sydney, go to Everleigh Street in Redfern, Mt Druitt or King's Cross and you'll be up for fucken 2 - 3 days. I smoke weed all day,and do pills all night and even two tabs of acid, but never go near that shabz shit, you'll be ooked very quickly kiddies.
Fucken yeh ay mate, just smokin tha shabs, hit 3 oints in the pipe, been up for 4 days straight braaaaaaaaaa
by Crazy Snazzy May 18, 2009
A combinations of Slut, Hoe, Asshole, and Bitch
Guy 1: What is that girl like?
Guy 2: shes a shab man, dont do it.
by deevdee June 14, 2011
1. (noun) Large pieces of crystal meth. Also known as shards.
Pass that bag of shabs so I can load the shwok!
by Shabarella June 28, 2005
A genius who is also an asshole, jerk, and a dick but can be nice sometimes. Also, he has a giant penis.
Hes a shab!
by Njr14matrix August 04, 2011
A slightly bulged or ripply belly. While not being a fat belly shabs are usually unshapely.
1. "She was hot" "Yeah,but she had shabs"
2. "you'r belly is looking kind of shabby there"
3 "Dude, it was so shabby"
by Allen Tait Pope December 27, 2005
Steaming Hot Anime Babe
Check out those SHABs!
by tard07 September 26, 2015
Acronym for Self-Hating Asian Bitch. It refers to Asian women who predominantly date White men.
That Asian girl is such a S.H.A.B. that she must wish she were born White even though those White guys are only interested in her because they assume that she is "exotic" and "submissive".
by 8s May 27, 2008

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