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Part of a certain cheer rountine to introduce the squad; also known as scatting.
from the movie Bring It On 3
"shabooya sha sha shabooya ROLL CALL!
my name is leti, i like to party,
and when i shake it, the boys say
Ai mami! Shabooya sha sha shabooya ROLL CALL!"
by Joss123 September 02, 2006
In your face like booyah except with much more in your faceness....
tom: you're a dumbass
jim: I got an 'A' bitch
jim: shabooya!
by inventor of shabooya May 10, 2006
meening mauri roll call
the tribe leaders call and the tribe replies by repeating shabooya
by d clark November 29, 2003
" a way to celebrate somethin" in another word for Hooray!
"We won da game" Shabooya!!!!!
by alisa adronna July 19, 2003
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