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(also shiboodle) n. The entirety of something. Often a group of people, collection of things, or icky situtation. Conveys a sense that the object is unwieldly, like a blivet.

Shaboodle may be styled after the alliteration "kit and caboodle". Many people who say this don't know or care what a caboodle is. Replacing "kit" with "shit" and preserving the alliteration, you get this new word.
Spill the goods! I want the whole shit and shaboodle now!
by Kev Corwin August 16, 2008
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Meaning a word of endearment like boo, baby, honey or darling.
“Heeeeey, Shaboodle what are we doing tonight”
by Danny PhaNNy March 14, 2008
A mess, disaster, shambles, unpleasant event.
"that was a right shaboodle"
by Kezzabeth March 07, 2008
whoop ass
God damn! WE whipped the shaboodles out of them...
by Chichi September 18, 2003

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