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Shabba (shah-buh) slang term for molly; mostly for naming mdma, but also could be referencing mda, methylone or mephedrone. When referencing to anything other than mdma, it is normally specified.
Lets get some shabba from the shabba lord ;)
by jewally July 05, 2014
Meaning 'good'. A positive.
Man, that t-shirt is shabba
by Barry June 04, 2004
A random word used in bilborough, folk just shout it out for shear amusement and for the satisfaction of anoying others.
(Quiet room) ..................SHABBA!!!!
by Mallon June 12, 2006
friendly greeting
peace and love
everything shabba???
by willie December 13, 2003
i. (a) a word with no meaning whatsover, it can be used to get out of many situations (b) did i just say that?
ii. or just repeated over and over to really irritate one's friends, the latter meaning is the most effective
i. "i like (insert name of ugly person), oh shabba"

ii. "shabba shabba shabba shabba"
by Tom November 20, 2003
Quite simply a word that can be used instead of shit - and is just as versatile as the word shit too.
After walking through the field, my sneakers were covered in shabba.

I need to tidy my house - there is shabba everywhere.
by dancingloveboy October 29, 2006
A guy that acts and 'thinks' he is a bit of a ladies man.
'Wilks is a right Shabba'
by Tubbsy February 12, 2004