another term for shit, poop, feces, or scat.
"Boy, you gotsta pull this car ova at the next gas station so I can drop dis shabazz!"
by Johnnie D March 17, 2009
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Used as a greeting. Means hello, goodbye, wow, I love you, or I am really drunk and about to be interviewed on a tv show. Add multiple z's for effect.
When Timmy saw his friend Sara at a party he exclaimed, "Shabazzzzzz!" She immediately hugged him with love and great respect.
by wordgold November 16, 2011
A cult of people, who follow the god Shabazz. They often surf the internet for inductees by intense training/trolling that often fails due to incompetence.
"Oh, dude let's role-play."

"Better watch out for, Shabazz."
by NiniJax December 23, 2013
a drinking game including rock, paper, scissors and a shot glass
1) basic rock, papers, scissor rules
2) loser of game drinks from shot glass
*if both players throw the same sign, both drink from shot glass
whoever finishes their beer first loses
at the end of each round, you yell 'SHABAZZ!'
arielle: let's play shabazz!
camille: yea!!!!!! okay, rock, paper, scissors shoot!
camille: yes! i win.. okay fill your shot glass and drink
arielle: SHABAZZ!
by arielle camille August 25, 2007
to have sex
"I totally shabazzed her last night."
by kk12335 August 24, 2009
Shaanan Shetty who goes to Duke University, Class of '08, and is from Florida.
Damn Shabazz!!! Same thing for dinner again?
by VLella April 14, 2005
To covertly strike another person in the groin (typically used in sports).

Can also be used in verb form, shabazzi - "that guy has been fouling us all game, I'm gonna shabazzi him."
Hey ref, didn't you see that??? Their dirtiest player just totally gave me the shabazz!
by RVAvagrant April 04, 2011
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