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1) A penis, at least 5 inches long.
2) Sexual intercourse.
1) Look at his huge shabangbang!
2) Let's get this shabangbang goin on!
by Ravi Singh March 07, 2004
1: a pesons whos known to use a certain 'karma'
2: a person who belives in themselves, is confident, succesful and well known
yo! babe she a real shabang bang!
by isma June 09, 2006
The female vagina. Goes hand-in-hand with "shaboingboing".
Baby, let me put my shaboingboing in your wet shabangbang NOW!!
by THE Batmanman November 11, 2006
a cool way to reply to sudden things
(cat starin at you) SHA BANG BANG
( someone comes up behind you and yells) SHA BANG BANG
its usually used in a loud boisterous tone
by abigail October 05, 2002
last name belonging to a dynamic duo
Yolacka Shabangbang & Malacka Shabangbang
Sameera & Romina
...same thing.

Romina: yo whattup yolacka!?
Sameera: nothing much malacka...=)
Romina: We're shabangbangs
Sameera: oh shit thats right! WE ARE!
by njzmstwntdgrl528 July 10, 2008
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